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Monday, 25 February 2013

The first post...

I have been interested in family history for quite a while and seriously started to research my ancestors just over a year ago. 

It has become a massive hobby taking up a lot of time - the trouble being with genealogy that there is always more to find out! Of course, it is much easier to research your ancestors now than it ever was for budding genealogists in the past - technology has made it possible to find out a huge amount about those who have lived before from the comfort of your living room, which is great (although there is still always a long list of physical places to spend a weekend afternoon uncovering family history!).

I have started this blog after listening to a talk by Janet Hovorka, a US-based genealogist, who spoke at Who Do You Think You Are (WDYTYA) ? Live about the uses of social networking and mobile devices in modern genealogy. She was very engaging and described how social networking and blogs can be used for a genealogical purpose. And as I am a Facebook & Twitter addict, it sits well with me to have a go at marrying technology and genealogy up.

I hope to use the blog to talk about all things genealogy that interest me - my own family history, local area history, genealogy websites, records and archives and everything else.

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