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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Going back up North

I can't believe that I haven't done a blog post in over 3 months - I really do not know where the time goes! That's what I find the biggest problem is as a "younger" genealogist - time. Or more specifically, a lack of it. What with full time work and part time studying, housework, shopping and catching up on things at home there isn't as much time left for genealogy as I would like. I assume that is why so many genealogists are much older and have got into the hobby after retiring. Sadly I have over 35 years until I can retire so for now I think I need to manage my time a bit better to have more family history research time!

I do however find holidays are a great time to do some genealogy and with a week off work ahead we're off to Glasgow tomorrow for a few days to engage in a bit of family history research. We're then moving on to the North East of England where we first visited last summer and didn't have enough time to see all what we wanted to see (both family history wise and scenery wise!). So, hopefully a good week with lots of research, relaxing and new leads is ahead. I will let you know what I uncover!

Anyone else going on a family history trip this summer?


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