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Sunday, 17 March 2013

The FlipPal scanner - my new best friend!

We went to London at the weekend to see my Mum for Mothers Day and as well as her Mothers Day gift and flowers, I took my new FlipPal scanner along.

Mum managed to locate a huge box of photos (loose, in albums and in photo wallets), and whilst we all chatted, ate cake and drank tea, I scanned about 200 photos with ease in a few hours.

My Mum, Dad and Sister were all fascinated by the tiny scanner that can scan photos in and out of albums and save them on to a tiny memorycard. My Dad doesn't really even understand a memorycard so 200 photos being put on to one took some serious explaining!

I think that the FlipPal is the most useful thing I have bought since becoming interested in genealogy and as we have now scanned close to 400 photos in all (my Husband also had some old family albums of his parents wedding and him as a baby), it has already proved its worth. Scanning is so simple - it really is just a touch of a button, and unlike a normal scanner you can turn the scanner upside down and scan without the lid to scan photos that are in albums without the need to try and move them, which is brilliant if they're someone elses photos. There's no more pleading to borrow pics from relatives who are scared that they wont get them back either as the Flip Pal is so portable you can scan there and then.

The only downside I have found to the FlipPal so far is that as it runs on batteries and as scans take a fair bit of battery power, they run out a lot during a scannning session (I am getting about 60-80 photos scanned per set of batteries at the moment!). It's OK though, as long as you have good rechargable batteries in use or a good supply of normal ones. There's nothing more frustrating then realising you have run out mid scan!

I haven't needed to scan any large photos yet, so I haven't tried out the scan and stitch technology which allows you to stitch several small scans together to make a large scan. Other people who have tried it tell me it works well though and I have no reason to doubt them.

At just over £120 the FlipPal isn't cheap, but it's a great gadget that is essential if you want to quickly and easily digitise old family pics. I'm now a huge fan!

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  1. I love my Flip-Pal as well! You will like the stitching software. It is easy to use. Takes a bit of time to generate the new photo, but well worth it.

    It has saved me a ton of time with scanning all the photos that I have inherited or those that folks won't let go of - I just bring the scanner to them!